Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

ProgDVB Modules API

There are several module and plugin interfaces that are designed for different tasks in the ProgDVB.

1. Common modules for working with traffic.
For example, for the record or analysis of stream. They must be placed into the Modules folder with extension the *.module. Modules can be choose from the Settings->Options->Modules and are accessible from Service menu. This API request version of ProgDVB > 6.63.4
Description and a simple example of a module are here.

2. Remote Control
To receive commands from remote control buttons to use individual type of modules. It is located in the RemoteControl folder and has the *.RcModule extension. You can select the module and see its settings in the Settings->Options->Interface.
The description is here.

3. Visualizations
For visualizations ProgDVB uses a very old API of older players. It has some limitations. I am very interested in the new renderings and ready to add support for new API. Please Suggest.
The description of what is here.

4. The old MultiDec API.
Are supported only basic functions.


5. Format of ProgDVB channel list.

Please ask me over email if you have any questions. Also I can make some addition API functions if you have interesting ideas.