Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


TV and Radio channels

ProgTV the universal application for viewing of various types of channels, but it doesn't include any channels. But supported really many formats and you can try near any source of TV or radio.

At first I am recomend looking for local IPTV by means of m3u from provider or blind search in ProgTV. Also you can receive DVB TV from Windows PC over ProgDVB (software for Windows)

It is also possible to look for m3u the list of channels at one of forums or just on google for example

Video manual on Spanish

If all this seems difficult, then on the first time it is possible to using one of channels lists for ProgTV demonstration. Not all channels work steadily, but for first time it can be enough.

If you wish for stable and comfortable viewing. With the guide, archive, ... that can try one  paid OTT of operators. ProgTV supports them very many, but some are available only after import of expansion.

The websites where it is possible to look for free lists of channels:

Exabyte TV


Dolby doesn't allow to decode AC3 sound free of charge.  Google and Microsoft isn't bought that and of course it is expensive to me.

Some possibilityes:
1. If your device support AC3 decoding then  you can try change playback mode in ProgTV in the menu of the channel. At least in MediaPlayer + the mode must be good.
2. If your receiver or TV is able to decode AC3, then try enable "SPDIF through PCM" mode in ProgTV Options→Playback. It will allow to decode a sound on this device.
3. The channel can have alternative soundtracks in not AC3 format (look in menu of the channel) or other versions of the same channel without AC3.
4. Most the most universal way - using of the external player for ac3 channels. For example ac3 of the version mxplayer. The player can be chosen in the ProgTV settings.

I hope In the future will more possibilityes watch TV with AC3 a sound.


I need log files of ProgTV for debug most case of problem. For collect log you must:
1. Enable it in Options->Debug->Logs=Verbose
2. Restart ProgTV
3. Repeat crash or problem.
4. Options->Debug->Export logs for any folder.
5. Zip all files and subfolders of Logs folder and send me over email or form. 


Watching more one channel simultaneously increases device requirements and may not work on too old ones.
There are several possibilities for use.
1. A long click (or right mouse button in Windows) on the channel in the list.
2. Bind PIP Button in Controls- Binds
3. During the recording of one channel, switches to another.

What are the differences between Pro and the free version?

1. Record function
2. Banner on start (2-3 seconds).
3. I 'm planning some complex function in the future. For example PIP.
All other functions is total free.