Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Elecard CodecWorks

   –°ompanies strive for globally distributed projects accompanied by huge revenues, however there is still a great number of specific low-budget tasks and they might be tricky to solve. In IT market crowded with a wide variety of solutions for encoding, transcoding, multiplexing and demultiplexing it might still be a challenge to find a multifunctional professional software product making it possible to quickly launch a project of any scale and complexity: IPTV, OTT, DVB-S/-T/-C broadcasting, corporate TV, point-to-point content delivery, multiformat data conversion to a single standard, making data storage in video surveillance efficient.

IPTV (UDP/RTP/SRT, HLS/MPEG DASH, RTSP, RTMP, RIST) as well as DVB with DVB signal capture cards are usually utilized as a video source in such projects. The following protocols - UDP/RTP/SRT, HLS/MPEG DASH, RTMP, RIST, NDI, ST 2110 are used for broadcasting.



Most frequently high-density encoding is an optimal choice for such projects as well as reliable protection of content from unauthorized access.

To leverage such solution for maximum value one should have the opportunity to work with coding graphs, remove or add components to the encoding scheme, change and configure its parameters, develop and use a custom-designed web-interface and integrate the encoder’s engine into an existing system.

I recommend my partners to have a look at Elecard CodecWorks that meets all the mentioned requirements and might be custom-configured to solve any task.

The product supports accelerated GPU-based encoding for highest density possible based on Intel® Quick Sync Video technology and NVIDIA graphics cards. Intel NUC transcoding platform perfectly fits low-budget projects and makes it possible to encode 25 channels simultaneously at 1 server. Integration with the CAS DRECRYPT system ensures reliable protection of content.

Elecard Codec Works provides a support of N+M backup and source backup mechanisms. Flexible settings help to achieve stunning results such as efficient transcoding with minimum possible delay – 1 field frame. It is possible to control the encoding server locally and remotely using Windows or Ubuntu manager or via web interface.

Read more about using Elecard CodecWorks for different projects:

  1.   Low Latency encoding at Football World Cup 2018 - Setting up live video streaming of football matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 within the stadiums with a minimum possible latency.
  2.   TV broadcasting in trains serving passengers on 12 Moscow Metro lines. Preparation and broadcasting of 12 TV channels together with advertising content in Moscow Metro trains.
  3.     IPTV and OTT broadcasting of federal TV channels in 30 Russian regions. Receiving federal and local TV channels and content preparation for IPTV and OTT broadcasting in each of 30 regions.
  4.   Live streaming to Youtube and Facebook by TV channel. Receiving video content from cameras, encoding it and further streaming the video content to Youtube channel and other platforms.
  5.     HD signal encoding for various Telco operators.
  6. Broadcasting to obsolete IPTV equipment. Transcoding of AVC/H264 streams to MPEG-2 to ensure the DVB-T2 broadcasting for 2 hospitals without replacing IPTV equipment incompatible with AVC/H264 video.