Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

ProgDVB F.A.Q.

1. Why the codec/plug-in/visualization is not visible?
ProgDVBx64, as well as any x64 application, sees only x64 modules. Therefore, you need x64 version of the codec / plug-in / visualization.

2. There is a sound, but there are no pictures or the picture is deformed.
Perhaps the video renderer does not work with your video card or video driver. You can choose in Settings-> Video-> Codecs-> Video renderer.
Attention! Your video card may not support all renderers. Some of them can cause defects picture, black screen, or even the fall of ProgDVB.

3. Picture crumbles into squares.
It is necessary to check up loading CPU (in Task manager) and signal quality in ProgDVB. For the latter, you need to run ProgDVB in debug mode.

ProgDVBNet.exe /Debug

And see Debug-> Filter manager-> Dropped packets. This value can be not zero but should not increases.

4. A choice of codecs.
ProgDVB including ProgDVB Pro, does not include any license codecs. But you can use almost any available at you. Typically, video codecs are present on the Install CD with video card or a motherboard. Besides Microsofts codecs that came with Vista/Ultima and Windows 7 work well. Also, you can use any free. ffdshow, divx avc/aac, … Most likely, the best decoder for AC3 – ac3filter.

5. If problems with sync or sound disappearance.
The problem depends on the channel, sound card and its driver, and demultiplexer. To resolve this problem, we recommend trying one or more options.
a. Change the audio renderer (Settings-> Audio-> Codecs)
b. Disable audio processor (Settings-> Audio-> Audio Processor)
c. Change demultiplexer (Settings-> Main-> Demux)
Usually the problem disappears with the transition to a discrete sound card and/or Windows7.

6. How to configure the positioner?
In Settings->Diseq it is necessary to add the positioner in that place of a tree where it is physically located. For example, between the board and the converter or after the switch. For this purpose at the top left should be selected Positioner or Custom mode. Then in the properties of the converter to add all the satellites are needed.
If you are not using USALS, then it must be shut down in the properties of the positioner, and in the properties of the converter to appoint a number of positions for each satellite.
After that, the positioner should work and automatically rotate when you change the channel or scanning. If not, then there are several possible reasons:
a. The device was not defined correctly. Settings-> Device options.
b. Too much length of a cable and command do not reach. In Settings-> Device options can change the number of repetitions.
c. Not enough voltage for DISEqS motor.
d. DVB device does not support Positioner or USALS.

7. After updating ProgDVB Pro or upgrade of a configuration of the computer registration dialog appears.
Has probably changed HID and you need to update a key for the new HID via web form -> Update.

On the first page it is enough to enter one of the fields, such as email. On the second HID.

Attention! Old HID will be blocked.

8. Is it possible to use ProgDVB Pro on more than one computer?
Yes, one license ProgDVB Pro allows you to create keys for two computers.
It is possible to install an unlimited number of programs (and versions) on a single computer.

9. Why, after scanning some channels are not added to the list?
a. No signal at scan dialog. Perhaps wrongly chosen type converter or Diseq settings.
b. Check to see, was or not this channel previously deleted. (Right click on list->Undelete).
c. Channel list does not match the object scanning.
d. Provider has changed the caption of the channel. (Press Update in the Channel properties).
e. Use scaning- Menu panel->Channel list->Channel search (NOT! Scan transponder). Full scan.

You can also try to delete all files from a Channels folder and rescan.