Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

ProgDVB Engine

ProgDVBEngine is an excellent solution if you want to create an application for working with digital TV -- from viewing or analyzing video streams to nework broadcasting, to any other software product. ProgDVBEngine will let you concentrate on your application interface and its goals. It will solve the hardware related problems, will take care of the PSI tables processing, image displaying, etc.

Main features:

  • You can use Visual C++ for to inteface with ProgDVB Engine (tested with VC++6 and VC++8) or any other .NET compatible development environment
  • Both Win32 and full-fledged Win64 versions are available
  • Support for the majority of DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC devices including DiSEqC and CAM interfaces support
  • Flexible modular architecture
  • Wide range of debugging options
  • High Definition TV support including H.264/AVC
  • Support for the popular digital television standards, such as DVB-S(S2), DVB-C, DVB-T, ISDB-T, ATSC as well as IPTV support
  • Support for all digital TV audio formats: MPEG, AC3, AAC
  • 'Picture-in-picture' support as well as independent simultaneous recording/playback of several channels from one or more devices
  • Playback from disk based files
  • Time shifting functionality using the RAM or disk buffer of unlimited size
  • TV and Radio channels recording
  • Channel searching in all supported broadcast formats
  • Support for EPG, Teletext and subtitles (text and image-based as well as closed captions)
  • Support for VR, VMR7,VMR9 and EVR renderers including OSD (except VR) independently from channel type or signal presence

The features listed above can be seen in action using ProgDVB's as an example.
Please contact me if you are interested in collaboration.