Digital Video Broadcasting

Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


Request ProgDVB version >= 6.21

Sunny GUI skin by V.Zhukoff. I recommend to use in 1920x1080.

Black GUI skin by V.Zhukoff..

The Sims3 GUI skin by Mohamed Ashraf

by Ed McRy

by Dr. M. Nateghi

WinAmp style multiform skin by Igor

WMP11 style skin by Thomas Godicke

Dark blue GUI skin by W. Streck

Night GUI skin by Mamedov Artur

Aero(!) GUI skin by Morteza

GUI skin by Babak Mehraban(M B)

OSD skin by SASH. Only SD

OSD skin by Mohamed Ashraf

OSD skin by aleain alabadla

OSD skin by Daniel Kondaszewski

OSD skin by V.Zhukoff. Only for HD.

OSD skin by RR01 (mod by boss911). Only for SD.

OSD skin by Matan. Only for SD.

OSD skin by boss911.

Blu Trasparent OSD skin by Francesco.