Digital Video Broadcasting

Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Version Comparison

Features Standard (Freeware) Network Edition Professional
HDTV - + +
DVB-S(S)/DVB-T/DVB-C - - +
IPTV/InternetTV/OTT + + +
PIP and Mosaic - + +
Record and scheduler - + +
Diseqc - - +
PIP and Dual Tuner - + +

You can get the basic functionality of ProgDVB free of charge without restrictions with ProgDVB Standard edition.

ProgTV is new user interface of ProgDVB aimed for comfortable using over remote control (HTPC). If you use mouse and keyboard then ProgDVB is best chose.

ProgDVB Network Edition is small size and cheaper version for Internet TV, IPTV, Torrent TV, OTT,... Without DVB devices supporting.

Download ProgDVB and ProgTV

ProgDVB requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher, you can download it here

Last Pre-release version of ProgDVB you can take here.

ProgTV requires full Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0, you can download it here.

Shareware versions have 21 days free trial period + 7 days test keys keys.

Shareware Version Size Price Old
ProgDVB + ProgTV Professional for x32/x64 OS
version for x64 OS
7.20.2 20.6 MB 35 € or 25+25 € 7.20.1
ProgDVB Network Edition for x32/x64 OS
version for x64 OS
7.20.2 13.5 MB 10 € 7.20.1
Register MPEG-2 codecs 25 $
Elecard AVC/H.264 codec 40 $
Free of charge Version Size Old
ProgDVB + ProgTV x32
for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. x32/x64 OS
7.20.2 18.0 MB 7.20.1
ProgDVB + ProgTV x64
for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Only x64 OS

x64 version sees only x64 codecs, modules, plugins... Actually ProgDVB x32 more simple for setup.

7.20.2 16.9 MB 7.20.1
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 2.0 22 MB
Manuals Size
ProgDVB quick start manual by Thomas Hillard 1.8 MB
ProgDVB DiSEqC manual by Thomas Hillard 0.6 MB
Prog Media Server by Akad (English and Russian) 0.4 MB

Both Standard and Professional versions of ProgDVB include MPEG-2 shareware codec by Elecard. You have to register it after 21 days (Start->ProgDVB->Elecard Registrator) or use some alternative codecs. For AVC and H.264 support you should register Elecard AVC H.264 plugin for ProgDVB. The registration is done with the Serial Number provided in your purchase confirmation email.

Download the old versions

ProgDVB 6.61.1 x32 Pro Last version using ProgDVB Engine 4.x. Support hardmode and some other oldest functions
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x32 Std
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x64 Pro
ProgDVB 6.61.1 x64 Sdt
ProgDVB 5.16.2 Pro(full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 2.x.
ProgDVB 5.16.2 Std(full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 2.x.
ProgDVB 5.09.2 (full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 1.x.
ProgDVB 4.92.4 Pro(full install). last 4.x version.
ProgDVB 4.92.4 Std(full install). last 4.x version.
ProgDVB 4.91.8 (full install). last version for Windows 9x.
ProgDVB 4.85.3 (full install). last version using ProgDVB Engine 1.x.
ProgDVB 4.62.6 (full install). last version that supports only one device at a time.
ProgDVB 4.56.2 (full install). last version not based on ProgDvb engine.
ProgDVB 4.48.2 (full install). last not Unicode version.
ProgDVB 4.38.6 test (full install).
ProgDVB 4.26.4 (full install [English/Russian]).
ProgDVB 4.07
ProgDVB 3.31.1
ProgDVB 2.07.1
ProgDVB 1.76