OSD - the interactive menu for display various information to the screen: a number of the channel, parameters of the video, the timer etc. What exactly must be shown you can select on this tab.

Here you can set a view of Subtitles (a font, color, the size)

and Select Skin OSD. You can change veiw time or turn off OSD. In the corresponding dialog box it is possible to uncheck some panels OSD which are not necessary to you for speed up performance of the program. Not included in the distribution kit, skins it is possible to download from a site.


OSD are two types: normal and with Using GUI (Graphical User Interface). Normal OSD can be displayed only within the frame of received video and depends on  transmittable picture. Therefore it can be two types: SD (720x576) and HD (1920x1080). In the dialog box the choice possibility is given, in which image to display OSD depending on picture change.

At usage GUI, the size OSD does not depend on a received picture and remains invariable. Please note that usage GUI demands more resources PC.

You can edit existing skin or to create the new in Skineditor.