Цифровое видеовещание Программное обеспечение для просмотра цифрового телевидения и прослушивания радиоканалов


20.09.2020 ProgTV UWP v1.0.9 New port of ProgTV for UWP. Now possible install from MS store and use on XBOX.
17.09.2020 CodecWorks v4.7 In the new version, the changes affected the installation and configuration of the product, as well as the multiplexing system.
05.06.2020 ProgDVB v7.34.3 Fix of recording split, min duration and other.
26.05.2019 ProgTV v2.11.5 Fixes VOD UI, Stalker,...
08.05.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.9 Impove of high DPI diplay supporting. Fixes...
24.04.2020 ProgDVB v7.33.7 Fixes.
17.04.2020 ProgDVB v7.33.6 Fixes.
10.04.2019 ProgTV v2.11.0 PIP function. Now Possible playback more one channel in same time.
09.04.2020 ProgDVB v7.33.4 Fixes of PIP and Custom Renderers.
03.04.2020 ProgDVB v7.33.2 MPC Video renderer.Fixes.
20.03.2020 ProgDVB v7.33.0 Fixes of Kartina TV, rtp, ...
13.03.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.9 Fixes.
05.03.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.8 Fixes.
01.03.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.7 Impove of high DPI diplay supporting. Fixes...
28.02.2019 Prog Media Server v4.29 Fixes
21.02.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.5 Impove of high DPI diplay supporting. Fixes...
13.02.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.4 VOD for Stalker. Fixes...
07.02.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.3 Fixes of udp, stalker,...
01.02.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.2 Fixes.
27.01.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.1 Important fixes.
23.01.2020 ProgDVB v7.32.0 Update of Stalker and Xtream API. Possible of access to VOD over VOD panel (F9)
Important fixes.
16.01.2020 ProgDVB v7.31.8 Important fixes.
10.01.2020 ProgDVB v7.31.5 Fixes.
02.01.2020 ProgDVB v7.31.4 Important fixes.
Changes of storage of settings.
25.12.2019 ProgDVB v7.31.3 Fixes.
18.12.2019 ProgDVB v7.31.0 Basic Stalker support. Update of MS scheduler support.
17.12.2019 ProgTV v2.08.6 Basic Stalker support.
12.12.2019 ProgDVB v7.30.3 Fixes of Xtream, Manual scanner,...
05.12.2019 ProgDVB v7.30.2 Fixes and small impoves.
02.12.2019 ProgTV v2.08.2 Fixes
28.11.2019 ProgDVB v7.30.1 Priority source of the logos in IPTV settings.
24.11.2019 ProgTV v2.08.1 Added first 2 skins. Thanks to V.Zhukoff and Selivanov Aleksey.
21.11.2019 ProgDVB v7.30.0 Fixes
21.11.2019 ProgTV v2.08.0 Fixes
12.11.2019 ProgTV v2.07.6 Update of timeshift dialog
08.11.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.9 DVB EPG fix
04.11.2019 ProgTV v2.07.4 Impove skin functions and fixes.
30.10.2019 ProgTV v2.07.1 Skins function. Fixes.
29.10.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.8 Fixes and internal changes.
24.10.2019 ProgTV v2.07 Teletext, fixes.
20.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06.9 Impove quality of subtitles, Sleep/PowerOff actions, UI tuning,...
18.10.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.7 Update of installer, archive, ...
16.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06.8 Fixes.
11.10.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.5 Fixes
10.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06.6 Fixes of scanner, scheduler, ...
06.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06.5 Fixes of mouse, remote control, codecs,...
04.10.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.4 Fixes
03.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06.4 Sleep timer, many fixes and update of localizations
01.10.2019 ProgTV v2.06 2.x is new generation of ProgTV based on Android/iOS experience.
License of ProgTV Pro and ProgDVB Pro+ProgTV Pro still good for 2.x generaton.
27.09.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.3 Fixes and internal changes.
24.09.2019 Prog Media Server v4.28 Fixes
13.09.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.1 Fixes
30.08.2019 ProgDVB v7.29.0 Xtream codes update
23.08.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.9 Fixes
16.08.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.8 Added Czech. Updated Slovak and Flussonic support.
09.08.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.7 Fixes
02.08.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.6 Fixes
25.07.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.5 Fixes of Avermedia, Multicast, Slovak localization, ...
17.07.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.4 Slovak localization and fixes.
11.07.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.3 Fix delay of scanner, AverMedia module, ...
02.07.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.2 Update AverMedia module, fix of guide base, ...
24.05.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.1 Updated of import m3u. Very important for catchup params.
17.05.2019 ProgDVB v7.28.0 Fixes
03.05.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.9 Fixes and support of referrer in url.
26.04.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.8 Fixes
19.04.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.5 KA-band in LNB settings. Fixed links for SlyNet.
12.03.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.4 Fixes
29.03.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.3 Fixes or User-Agent, update AverMedia A757 support, ...
22.03.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.2 Update of Avermedia module by crackname.
Update/fixes of IPTV and radio
08.03.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.1 Fixes of scheduler and clicks in fullscreen mode.
01.03.2019 ProgDVB v7.27.0 Fixes
08.02.2019 ProgDVB v7.26.9 Archive for channels without EPG
Fix of channel position saving/sorting
01.02.2019 ProgDVB v7.26.8 Fixes
22.01.2019 ProgDVB v7.26.7 Fixes of channels without audio, AP, ...
08.01.2019 ProgDVB v7.26.6 Small fixes,...
04.01.2019 ProgDVB v7.26.5 Small fixes of ProgDemux, JTV,...
28.12.2018 ProgDVB v7.26.4 Fixes
21.12.2018 ProgDVB v7.26.3 Update of import of JTV, M3u and mux tables.
12.12.2018 ProgDVB v7.26.1 Fixes of network code.
30.11.2018 ProgDVB v7.26.0 Fixes of logos,...
23.11.2018 ProgDVB v7.25.9 Fixes of Omicom, ProgGuide, SkinEditor,...
16.11.2018 ProgDVB v7.25.8 Fixes of HLS,xmltv, ProgGuide, x64 Net version,...
09.11.2018 ProgDVB v7.25.7 Fixes and improvements.
26.10.2018 ProgDVB v7.25.6 Fixes channel numbers and http-referrer from m3u, multi video stream and Xtream.
19.10.2018 ProgDVB v7.25.5 Fixes and improvements.