Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels



At usage of Audio Processor of the program (Settings -> Options -> Audio) it becomes accessible 10-band Equalizer. This panel turn on-off in the Menu Panel –> View, and also by button in the Navigation Panel.

Quick Line

Above the list of channels there is a Quick Line. You can use it for a quickly find the channel in the list, inscribing there its caption, number or URL for Internet TV and Radio. When You Tube list is used, it is possible to search a clip title by keyword. List You Tube for convenience is divided into directories: Top Favorites, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Top Rated, Most Linked. To get there, it is necessary to click on the appropriate string of the list.

You as can cause a single search of channels in the list dialog box by combination of buttons Ctrl+F.

Navigator Panel

From the Navigation bar you can watch and to control a playing content, quickly jump to the Time Shift Buffer Status and Equalizer. Besides, the Clock is located there.

Audio Panel

Here there is a Volume Control and Mute button. Besides there are a quick access to a choice of the Audio stream and possibility of on-off of Automatic Gain Control.

Status Bar

In the bottom of the screen there is a Status bar. In it are displayed the type and a channels caption, level and quality of a signal, bit rate of Internet connection, a title of current transmission or a file and other information.