Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

ProgTV for iOS

ProgTV - the simple but convenient and universal software for watching TV and listening to radio channels over Internet or local network.

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Please use this link for start test of ProgTV over TestFlight or send me email for TestFlight invite. I am very interesting in responses.


Parameters of TV sources

These files serve for fast setup of access to channels.  For setup simple start file from web browser or file manager after download by ProgTV app. Or in ProgTV in select "Import" in TV Sources dialog of ProgTV and select file.

ProgDVB demo list — Interet TV and radio channels.
Enable support of addition OTT providers — Rodina TV, OTT Club, Shura TV, ...
SlyNet lists — Many free channels over Internet. From

 List of TV and radio channels which collected by ProgDVB users from open sources. You can use this link in ProgTV for first setup and test, but I don't promise working.