Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Video Panel

The panel where directly is a displaying of media content. From the context menu (the right click mouse) you can go to TV Window or Full screen mode. It can be done double clicking on the panel or pushing a mouse wheel also. Then it is possible to choose Audio (if the provider broadcasts their several), Automatic gain control (needs Audio Processor), to turn on the Subtitles and Visualization (for radio channels), to apply Zoom for a picture and to set a priority "Stay on top".

And, you can select an Aspect Ratio of a receiving picture from the context menu according to your monitor.

In the Full screen and the TV Window mode the Toolbar, Channel list and the Navigation panel are accessible. For this purpose it is enough to move the mouse cursor to extreme right, left, bottom or top position.

In the program you can watch together some channels on one screen (PIP *). For this purpose it is necessary to select the additional channel with pushed ALT key, or selecting an appropriate icon on a Toolbar.

The window in PIP mode can be two views. For this purpose click the right mouse button for space and select Icon or Table.

The program supports simultaneous watching up to 8 channels (If in PIP mode is not present the sound on any channels it is necessary to involve audio renderer Default DirectSoundDevice). PIP mode is more exacting to computer resources.

Besides, the program can work at the same time with two devices. In this case also it is possible to watch or record the receiving signal in PIP mode.

At pushing the button the Mosaic ** on a toolbar, on Video panel the preview of all channels of the list, the transmissions going at present are displayed. Depending on productivity of your equipment you can mount the quantity of pictures for simultaneous plotting here.


* - only in Pro versions

** - required VMR-9 Renderless or EVR Custom Presente