Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

EPG, Scheduler

For getting in to Scheduler and EPG you can go from the Menu panel -> Services, Toolbar or EPG (Scheduler) window.

By the Add button you select Recording (with a choice of the channel, periodicity and a file name. And in this place there are time of the beginning-ending of record and action after its completion.), a Reminder (Start and changing on the selected channel with assigned time and date) and a Command (Program and computer control on time and date).

Other buttons serve for operation with already compiled tasks of the scheduler. Additional settings of the Scheduler are in Options.

For adding of Recording, a Reminder and the Command it is necessary for you to know a title of the channel and program, time of its beginning and the end. More simple method of this is adding of tasks from an EPG. To go there from the Scheduler, click on the EPG button.

The EPG (electronic program guide) can be two types - a Grid View and a List View(Appropriate buttons). Both views are equally functional and you can select them according to the preferences. + in a mode a Grid View the display scale for convenience of use on monitors with different resolution is added. When you move cursor above a program, the pop-up window with its description appears.

In the EPG window you can independently upload a program guide through Import ready JTV and XmlTV files and do the Export (for print, maybe) its.

In the context menu of the guide (the right mouse click) it is possible to mark at once program forrecord and reminder or to switch the channel, without quitting an EPG. Thus all programs marked by you automatically will be added in the list of the Scheduler. It can be made also, pushing the buttonRecording, or to pass in the Scheduler. Time Offset serves for adjustment of time of channel broadcasts if your local time does not coincide in due course the channel.