Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Quick Start

In the course of installation (more in detail) select the device or service with which help you will receive video or audio the information. If you assume to use for this purpose what either a card or box, you must select their in the list. OrBDA compatible card or box (more reliable method). All remaining settings can be left "by default".

If you use the program for deriving of TV picture from other sources (Internet TV, Radio, YouTube, ProgMediaClient, IPTVClient) it is necessary to mark it in a TV Sources (more in detail) dialog box. Under each of sources there is a Property button where it is can be tuned.

For Sat TV it is necessary to select the satellite, pushing button LNB.

For setting of watching with usage of the additional equipment (DiSEqC switches, a positioner and so on) or modules and services it is necessary move to Advanced setting by the appropriate button.

In more details to find out about adjustment of devices, modules and services it is possible here.

If your OS already contains necessary codecs (more in detail) and supports installed in the program renderers(see also) by default, you can start watching right now. The program contains the updated database of channels in the distribution kit. Therefore, after setting of the device (service) the list with accessible channels of the source selected by you appears automatically.