Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


In GEOMETRICAL section of the Options sets are produced for a display and picture transfer configuration at usage of several displays.

Border. At playback of some shows and films (especially old) on margin of the image there is a lot of "garbage". You can leave this part outside the frame. For this purpose enter any value, 2,5 % are usually enough for normal (by default). At watching of a qualitative content value of the Border it is possible to mount 0 %.

From the Display ratio drop down list select proportions of the screen. It is necessary, if you use the Letter box. If is not so, it is possible to leave Undefined (by default).

Now the TV broadcasting is in different formats - 16:9, 4:3. Besides, in the transmittable channel 4:3 there can be a picture with 16:9 proportions. As well the display can be widescreen or a 4:3 ratio. Thus, at watching, on each side images remain black bands. For some minimize loss of a useful area of the screen, you can use the Letter box.

If you use the display 4:3, select to cut off for 4:3 display. Then during watching 16:9 ratio show, black strips on top and bottom will be cut off, and the image part on the right and at the left remains out the frame.

If you use the display 16:9 (16:10), select to cut off for 16:9 (16:10) display. Then during watching 4:3 ratio show, black strips on the right and at the left will be cut off, and the image part on top and from below remains out the frame.

Irrespective of display you can choose cropping Super Zoom*. In the issue the image wholly will be on the screen without black strips. It is achieved by picture pulling to screen boundaries. Therefore the distortion is present, the more close to edge, the more strongly.


* - it is required VMR-9 Renderless or EVR Custom Presenter


At usage Multiple Displays, for example, several monitors or monitor and TV set, you can organize watching both on one of them, and on both.

For this purpose it is necessary, that all displays were defined by operating system in Display settings. After that select Extended Desktop mode and go to Settings -> Options-> Video-> Geometrical.

Here the display which will be Main screen for full screen watching will automatically be defined. For example, DISPLAY2, it is mean display at number 2 in OS.

If you check the Picture only on main display, the image will be output only on the second display, for example, to TV set. In the issue on the computer monitor will be possible to do something during the same time.

If you check the Clone, the image from the first display will be dublicated on the second one. It is convenient, for example, at the organization of simultaneous watching in different locations or rooms.