Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


By means of ProgDVB you can watch television show and records in a 3D*format. For this purpose you need the additionally anaglyph stereo glasses or stereovision system NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit .

Before watching be convinced that the channel shows in 3D and in its properties there is an appropriate mark.

At the same time the 3D icon on a toolbar is activated. 3D video is expanded a HD format, thus for its watching is necessary installed H.264 codec.

On 3D dialog box of Options (Video section) you must choose a Viewing method.


Source – the picture is displayed «as is», the screen is divided into two half in vertical direction.

Left image only - displayed only left (main) image. Thus it is possible to look the channel as normal HD channel.

Anaglyph – watching 3D by means of glasses with color filters. Here choose anaglyph type: Color, Half Color, Optimized, Gray or True. The choice depends on a viewed material, individual characteristics of the filters, singularities of sight, etc. Therefore try to sort out them for achieving of the maximum 3D effect.

Select appropriate Glasses – Red-Cyan (Cyan-Red), Yellow-Blue (Blue-Yellow), Green-Magenta (Magenta-Green).

At anaglyph method of watching the color rendition of a picture is slightly worse, as one eye does not see red color, and the second blue. Besides, after watching the discomfort of sight is there.

NVIDIA 3D Vision – viewing 3D by NVIDIA shutter glasses. Except it the monitor with 120Hz frequencywith support 3D Vision and compatible GeForce video card is necessary. Besides the relative dearness of such variant of watching, in the shortcomings should be include a small amount of displays with such frequency and uncertainty on introduction of the uniform standard 3D in the remote prospect.

Swap Left/Right frames - checking this box, if needed, you can reverse the right and left frame.


* - only in Pro versions. It is required VMR-9 Renderless or EVR Custom Presenter