Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


On page RECORD specify the Path where it will be saved and if it is necessary, Path2 – in case the first drive will be full.

Select the Record format: *.ts, *.mpg, *.wmv, *.mpa, *.ac3, *.aac.

*.ts format is less exacting to computer performance. It is also the best for quality of video  file. A flaw - larger size of a resulting file in comparison with other formats.

Addition settings.

Using Time Shift – in an asynchronous mode. At usage Time Shift you can interrupt watching, click on a Pause. Thus record does not stop.

All audio streams * - at record in a *.ts format, it is possible to record all audio track (for example, in different languages; or sound ??3 and MPEG2).

Record Subtitles – if at stream there are subtitles and they are necessary for you for the subsequent watching it is possible to record them too. If they are not necessary to you, it is possible to uncheck this option for file size decrease.

Discard file shorter than – enter some seconds, less which record would not happen. For example, at accidental press on a key or the panel button.

Split file by size – if you expect to locate record in the storage by particular capacity, enter the necessary size (only for *.ts and mpeg2).

Split file by time – set duration in minutes if you want to organize the subsequent watching in same limitation of the time (only for *.ts and mpeg2).

To turn on Recording it is possible pushing the appropriate toolbar button or a key R (by default) or from the panel. As well you can be recording timed by means of the Scheduler or check the necessary program for record from a EPG window.

Remember that in file system FAT-32 the file cannot be more 4??.

* - only in Pro versions

Time Shift Buffer

Time Shift Buffer. If you use Time Shift then, at channel start, record in a background mode begins.

In the issue, at any moment you can pause watching, pushing the Pause button on Navigation bar and then to restart watching from the same place (also it is possible to make from Menu panel ->Navigation) – the program addresses to a buffer file. In the course of TV watching you also can wind off back record by means of a slider.

For convenience of TS usage in a navigation bar on a scale with a slider the EPG is displayed. When you move cursor above a segment of the program, the pop-up window with its description appears. At pushing a pause button time is stopped on the clocks as in the navigation bars and Time Shift OSD and, then, is launched at resumption

Time Shift buffer can be both in memory and on a hard disk (by default a folder \ts\timeshift.dat). It is necessary to remember that for the large buffer the free space both on HDD and in memory should suffice. If TS become unstable, disk defragmentation are recommended for absence of the breaks. Besides, at file system ?32 bit and using ProgDVBx32 the memory file cannot be more 500-600MB. Usage Time Shift assumes a little big CPU usage (in a greater degree in ?32 OS).

Be makes certain of buffer was not overflowed. After settings was made according to periodicity and amount use and hardware, you can always learn about its filling in the Menu panel-> File-> Time Shift Status.

At switching of the channel the Time Shift buffer resets.