Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


INTERNET GATE SERVER. By means it you can send the video from one computer to another using the Internet. For this purpose you must check Internet Gate Server service or to turn on it during installation or choose in Settings –> Options -> Modules (For the computer from which there will be a transmission). Further it is necessary to create Login and the Password on ProgDVB internet gate Main tab.

After that on Encoding tab select image transfer parameters: Video and Audio codec, Bitrate, Quality and Picture size.

If it is necessary, you can transmit the video which is differ from the incoming. For this purpose check Enable Resize and specify other sizes. On Statistic tab you can see the quality of internet connection.

Then turn on in Settings –> TV  Sources -> Advanced –> Internet Gate Client (for the computer configured for receive). In its Properties you must to enter Login and the Password assigned earlier for Internet Gate Server. If it is necessary, make settings for Proxy.

Further click ?? and launch scanning – Menu panel -> Channel list -> Channel search ->Internet Gate Client.

On Client computer will show the same channel which goes at present on Server.


PID RECORDER. In digital stream the information is transmitted in the packet form. This or that packet refers what channel is defined by PID (the packet identifier). By means of PID Recorder you can record both single and all packets of the transponder in a *.ts format.

Open the Menu panel–> Services–> PIDRecorder. In the appeared window there are record options.

All transport stream - record of all packets of the current transponder.

Transport stream (selected pids) - a choice of single packets of a stream. Push Get channel pids and select necessary PID from defined in pids to record.

Skip encrypted packets - the pass of encoded packets.

File name and Directory - a title and a path of the recorded file.

After pushing on Start display of the Size and Time of the file begins. For the end of the record click on Stop.


PROG MEDIA SERVER (HOME). By means of this module you can send via home network the picture to Prog Media client. For its setting select Prog Media Server (Home) and push theProperties button. On the first tab select Server mode: 


Current channel – the current channel is send from server. Thus the channel switch at the Client and server is going simultaneously;

Shoutcast – some channels are transmitted simultaneously in Shoutcast mode;

Windows media streaming – some channels are transmitted simultaneously in Windows media mode;

All transport stream – whole transponders stream in a *.ts format is transmitted;

Format is the page for choice of sending.

Depending on selected Server mode on the previous page, different formats and their settings will be accessible.

In the Network dialog box make the corresponding settings your networks settings.

Statistic. Statistical data – the traffic, errors, processor and network usage are displayed here.

About Prog Media Server in more details.


Disable screen saver. A monitor screensaver turn off.

Refresh channel on lost signal. Updates the data from the transponder about their change by the provider.

Enable CAM interface. If you do not use it (for example for IR transmitter) it is recommended to uncheck this option for more stability.

Priority. Set this depending on performance of your system - than it more the higher priority can be involved.

Always parse Teletext and EPG. If these functions are not necessary to you, their turn-off increases speed of the program performance.

Waiting time for positioned, ms/degree. Select individually for specific hardware.

Channels at onse for Mosaic. At using of a Mosaic mode the program loads on display some images simultaneously. The more of them leads to more usage of the CPU.

Startup. Individual preferences.

Scanner. Here update of channels at scanning is tuned. If you have problems with scanning it is possible to handle the time Delay after setting transponder for hardware. Try to increase it with step 10-20 ms.