Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels


In AUDIO settings it is possible to turn on Automatic Gain Control (level alignment of the volume on channels with loud and a low sound). This option is accessible at Audio Processor Usage. Moreover, the Audio Processor is necessary for the Equalizer, Visualization of radio channels, channels with a mono sound (1ch).

In this dialog box you can check Mute on Minimize option for disable sound at the minimized window.

AUDIO-CODECS. Here it is necessary to select a sound processor (Audio Renderer) and the Codecs for decoding of a sound stream. Which renderer to prefer, depends on implementation of your sound driver. You should be convinced of the correct choice to default device and its right setting in the OS.

In the program there are no built-in codecs and it uses the codecs installed in system.

For TV (DVB/IPTV/ATSC/ISDB-T) it is enough to install MPEG * and AC3 codec (for a multichannel sound), for example AC3Filter, ffdshow, etc.

For YouTube and Internet TV usually sufficient to install newest version of the Windows Media Player.

Most known and well proved codecs – Cyberlink, Intervideo, AC3Filter, ffdshow. Many codec have the additional settings, for access to them go - Menu panel -> File ->  Properties-> Audio decoder-> Properties.

You must keep in mind, what not all decoders defined in the program can really work with the formats declared by them. To learn it is possible only by experience.


* in operating systems Windows Vista Home a Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 Home the Premium, Windows 7 Business, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate is built in good enough codec of Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder and the additional codec it is not required.