Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Menu Panel

File. Open file. Here you can open multimedia files for watching and listening in ProgDVD. And you can save them as files list (Save playlist) for a quick access further. The program plays *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.ts, *.wmv, *.avi, *.mp4, *.mkv, *.mp3, *.wav, *.pl3 and other.

Take snapshot allows to save the frame of display in the folder selected by you with *.bmp extension.

In Properties point there is an information on audio and video stream, about filters. Some filters (for example ??3, Cyberlink) have additional properties with the detail information and possibility of their regulation.

In Time Shift Status you can watch the buffer and cache filling and to synchronize record.

Exit - exit program.

Edit - in this section, occur actions with folders and channels in the list: New and Rename, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete and Undelete, Move to, Sort etc. In Channel properties the full information about channel with possibility of editing its properties is presented. All these points also are accessible in the channel context menu (right mouse button click on the channel or a folder). Here it is possible to find out search and numbering of channels. After working with list you can Undo and Redo changes (it is possible just before next program start).

In View section you can change the interface by means of turn-on-off necessary panels: a Toolbar, Status bar, Channel list, Equalizer, Navigation panel, Quick line.

As here it is possible to switch between the Full screen or TV window and to check Stay on top and 3D (for 3D channels). These functions as are accessible from the context menu of Video panel (right mouse button click). In a Mosaic mode on Video panel the preview (single frames of all channels in the list opened by you) will be displayed.

At listening of radio stations function Visualization becomes accessible. Visualization works at the checked on Audio Processor.

In point Navigation is given control possibility by a playing files: Play, Pause, Stop, First, Previous, Next, Last. These elements are present also on the Navigation panel in a graphic view.  

Channel list. Channel search. Select the device or service by means of which you will do scanning. For DVB-S card it is necessary to select the satellite. After scanning there will be a list of the found channels. The lost channels are channels which are present at the list (after previous scanning or database channels. In the program there is permanently updating Channel database, therefore lists appear, as soon as you select the device and the provider or the satellite. And it is possible to watch these channels even without scanning.), but have not been found at scanning. You can delete the lost channels from the list, checking them separately, or pushing the button «Select all». The lost channels could appear for various reasons: wrong setting of the equipment, stopping of the transmission by the provider, weather conditions etc. About channel lists more.

Also it is possible to set scanning on all devices and services. Channel list–> Channel search –> All.

If you know, in what channel you need and from what transponder is broadcasting you can select Scan transponder. In the appeared dialog box you must select the satellite and the transponder. If it is not present in a database, you can enter manually its parameters then to push to Lock and Scan for start scanning. After pushing button "??", channels will be added in the common list.

Besides there is a Blind search, where it is possible to set a range, interesting frequencies, rate etc. It is convenient, if you do not know all parameters of the channel interesting you and can set at once some values of one parameter.

As in the List of channels you can choose to show-hide additional lists: the Recorded files, Most popular channels, YouTube and to create New, to Delete existing and to look and edit its Properties.

Here it is possible to look at Channel base statistics and Remove channel from base.

Services. Here you can control record and as to turn on–off the Teletext and Subtitles (if they are accessible in this channel their buttons are activated on a toolbar and icons in OSD are displayed), to call TV Program guide and the Scheduler. 

Internet Gate Server, PID Recorder and Prog Media Server (Home). These points become accessible at their checking-on in Settings –> Options -> Modules. In more details.

Plug-ins. Here the installed by you plug-ins are displayed. Should be aware that  ProgDVB?64 needs ?64 plug-ins.

Debug. This point appears at program start in a debug mode.

At program issues you can add in properties of a shortcut: a Space/debug after …. \ProgDvbNet.exe. And when program is crashed in a root folder of the program the report on an error will be generated.

In Help section you can follow the link to the program home page, check up available updates or register the program.