Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Program installation

After install start of the program there will be a window in which it will be offered to select the place of saving program settings (channel lists, interface sets, etc.), and whether will use the program one person only or more.

In the first case, possibility of usage of the program by different users of the computer with independent settings is admitted. In the second case, all users of the PC have access to identical settings of the program. At installation of the program with the activated third point, ProgDVB settings are saved in the same directory where the program has been located.

It is necessary to consider that in the course of work necessity of installation of several programs ProgDVB on one computer under one account name of OS can be demanded. In this case, in order to avoid a rewriting settings previous by newer files, it is recommended to select the third variant in this dialog box.


Then will be offered to you to select one or several sources of receiving of a TV signal in the following dialog box - Analog, Satellite, Cable etc.


You can select the device from the opening here dropdown list at once. If that misses, it is necessary to leave the device by default - a BDA compatible card or box (In many cases the second variant more preferably even if your device is in the list).

It is necessary to select preferable language and a view (Skin) of the interface, and also remote control type (RC, is more detailed) from a following dialog box.

Further, you can select usage method of the Timeshift, additional services and modules necessary for yours watching, together with trial version of codecs by Elecard.


All these setting can be changed during program usage.

After that you will need to enter only the activation code in the field key and to restart the program.

If you are installing the new version of the program, you can specify the directory with prior version. And your old settings will not be changed.