Digital Video Broadcasting Software for watching digital TV and listening to radio channels

Layout of Folders and Files

When installing the program given the choice of placing folders to programs on your computer(installation) Consider the folders and program files which can interest the user.

Channels folder. Here there are your lists of channels. All lists –Channels.ini (viewable with any text editor). For example, CL-b5460e09-2b0a-4269-92d0-d74981b25722. To find out which file is responsible for this list – Channel list -> Properties-> File name. If you installed the new version in other directory or reinstall OS etc., just put previously saved files from prior version of the program in this folder. After that, you do not need to scan and edit your lists once again.

In ChLogos folder there is a database of images of channel logos. You can add the logo. For this purpose it is necessary to name a picture (*.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp and other image) according to a channel title. Resolution suffices for normal display of a logo - 100?100 points. For logo usage on all channels with an identical title it is recommended to add after a channel title «_ ^», for example, MTV ^.gif.

In Filters folder there are is conditional-accessible codecs and the demultiplexer by Elecard.

In Modules folder are *.Device and *.eBda files which are responsible for programs operation with the driver of your equipment. If in the distribution kit there is no your device or he became outdated, then we should put in this folder the necessary file recommended by the vendor of your equipment.

In Plugins folder necessary files for operation of Plug-ins are located. More in detail about operation of Plug-ins it is necessary to find out from their authors.

In Record folder the written down by you files are located by default. You can select other folder for record in the Menu Panel -> Settings -> Options -> Record . If you have the RC panel which not completely corresponds to the main types of distribution kit, you can download from a site of the vendor of your equipment the additional module for him and place in folder RemoteControl.

In Skins folder there are skins of program. You can put here own or downloaded from program site, not contained into the distribution kit.

In Transponders folder there are updated bases of the providers information for scanning and finding of channels by the ProgDVB. File all.list is accessible to editing by any text editor and you can add the own information. Also in the program there is a built in editor of transponders. For this purpose transit Settings -> TV Sources -> Select your satellite -> Properties -> Transponders List. Here you can write the new transponder, edit existing or to delete, if it is not necessary to you. After that in folder Transponders there will be a file, for example 0360.USERLIST. Now at scanning of this companion the program will use him.

For immediate update of the transponder list you can download the auto installer of update for ProgDVB from here.

In a ts folder are stored by default Time Shift Buffer file.

In the Vis folder you can add your own visualization for radio channels.*

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to following files.

Controls.ini - file that is responsible for program control the RC, keyboard and mouse. If you have already configured the control any way you like, you can save this file elsewhere, for future use without re-tuning.

The same concerns and a file DiseqTree.ini. Here there is an information about satellites and DiSEqC ports.

At malfunctions with EPG and the Scheduler You can try to remove files epg.dat and scheduler.dat.

For reset of all settings it is possible to delete ProgDVB.ini.

Besides, in a root folder there is a program SkinEditor.exe

When starting with a debug key (in properties of a shortcut to add: spacebar/debug after …. \ProgDvbNet.exe) is formed the file debug.txt in which you can find the displayed failure reason after programs crash.

When starting with a StartupLog key (in properties of a shortcut to add: spacebar /StartupLog after …. \ProgDvbNet.exe) is formed the file startup.txt in which you can find the information about time of start each component of the program.

All elements of program are portable, therefore it is possible the files and folders necessary to you to duplicate and store all program items separately from the program to avoid repeated setting for example at reinstallation of OS or casual deleting.


* - it is necessary to turn on Audio Processor.